Wednesday, March 2, 2011

passion! has been long time since the last login into this blog....
i was i that busy to update my blog?
until certain extend...yes i m, and for some excuses, i m lazy as well, haha
not that i have no intention to update it anymore,
just.....i felt tire everyday after come back from work
i prefer to do something else....something which can relax my mind, my soul and my body especially

of course sleep is the best way for me, :D as i m always sleep deprived since the 1st day i started my work
blogging was always my favorites during my uni days.....not only writing a blog, but also blog hopping... i like to read other's blogs
but i dun hv much chance, or time now....too bad
it's always the passion which keep something on the track, keep it on the run...
any comment left will passionate me to keep my blog alive
and hopefully will make me work throughout the days :)

since after i start my work, i realised how important that we need to work smart rather than work hard...and to avoid any encounter with "snake" in your working field
haha...there will be endless story to talk about which will cost me countless time to write it here...

anyway, i m glad that i had successfully passed my surgical posting, currently having some fun with all the kids in the ward( except during review and procedure)
again this is a brand new environment and vast knowledge for me to absorb...
some 7 EOD calls awaiting me....aih

Friday, January 14, 2011

goin to 3 months..

without noticing's already going to be 3 months since i start working as a doctor..
how did i manage to pass these horrible days?
looking all my seniors one by one passing their posting accessment, soon will be my turn, so scary! wondering how i m going to do during my accessment

i started to felt a bit lost actually, loosing my determination, the soul n spirit to continue my journey
i started my work by day and after all the workload
my enthusiasm fade
what i gained after all these?
i get some simple knowledge and managements on pt
and of course i get my salary
but in other way i sense that i start loosing my health
been coughing on and off...sneezing uncontrollably....sometimes with watery eyes
i guess i m infected by some sort of virus...

life as a doc really ain't easy, it's far away from my imagination, not till the worst extend but i will never say i m enjoying this career at the moment
i believe the worst are there to train us up, and the best is always awaiting and welcome us for the enjoyments :)

Saturday, December 18, 2010

2 months....

almost working for 2 months...
and i learn alot during this period...
something we wont have the chance to experience during study days
get to know someone who is helpful
get to know someone who is selfish
get to know how to avoid problematic cases
get to know how to solve problems/tasks assigned

this is not a happy working environment, according to most of my colleagues told me
but i know this is the task given to all of us,
we should try our best to make it a good place for all of us, shouldn't we?

let makes the great thing happens :)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

after a month long

hm......finally i get in touch with internet after almost a month long
yeah....i m back!
guess wat,
i had the worst time in my life experienced within this month(so far..hopefully there won't be any in future)
i had the most joyful moment, i guess most ppl will know it when they start working, especially after the 1st month :D
i had the toughest period did a consecutive 11 eod tag calls sound to u?
but i had friend did 13 eod consecutively.....salute her very much
i had learn to value a true friendship in a short period, very much appreciate it

there will be many more to come in the future, for good or bad, let brain wave for the best ever to come :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

here i come

just know my posting hospital for next two years...
initially i was a bit uncertain about the location when i 1st open the letter, and i saw the Hosp Kajang.
it's my 3rd choice, bt my heart was telling me to go somewhere further since i wont stay back at home, so instead of kajang, why not go Sabah or Swk for more allowances and subsidies? money was the 1st thing come in my mind that time...i was so going to appeal for Sabah Hosp, but at last i didn't.
i m more calm by now, and decided to go with the faith. Kajang is not a totally strange place for me, i been there quite a long time ago for a competition back in secondary school days, and i had a pleasant experience, so why not now again?haha
wish me luck~

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

new chapter begins!

just get my induction camp letter today...felt so excited as finally i got my call to start work after 'measuring land" for about 3 months...what a waste of time!
but now, lets just forget about it and all i need to do now is focus on my coming challenges
may luck always be with me, wish i will get the posting hospital i wanted for the next 2 years.....

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

where is my letter?

waited more than one month since my interview day...more than 2 months since i pass up my complete documents in Putrajaya, yet until today i still waiting for my induction letter, still "measuring ground" in my home....
what can i say?.....sien:(

too much of graduates??!?! and perhaps less manpower for processing plus inefficiency of workforce made the wait longer....there's a long queue still :(
in conjunction with whole nationwide big celebration of Hari Raya....i guess some people still in Raya mode even till today

looking all my friends one by one getting their letter, starting to work, and some even already work for months, it doesn't feel good unless you are enjoying your holiday somewhere else

maybe they just want me to have another week of rest......
maybe i should take more time to brush up more knowledges
or maybe, there's no more space for incoming new houseman?

whatever, just hopeit will come in no time, although endless and countless frustrations cum scolding with anger will be on their way :S