Wednesday, March 2, 2011

passion! has been long time since the last login into this blog....
i was i that busy to update my blog?
until certain extend...yes i m, and for some excuses, i m lazy as well, haha
not that i have no intention to update it anymore,
just.....i felt tire everyday after come back from work
i prefer to do something else....something which can relax my mind, my soul and my body especially

of course sleep is the best way for me, :D as i m always sleep deprived since the 1st day i started my work
blogging was always my favorites during my uni days.....not only writing a blog, but also blog hopping... i like to read other's blogs
but i dun hv much chance, or time now....too bad
it's always the passion which keep something on the track, keep it on the run...
any comment left will passionate me to keep my blog alive
and hopefully will make me work throughout the days :)

since after i start my work, i realised how important that we need to work smart rather than work hard...and to avoid any encounter with "snake" in your working field
haha...there will be endless story to talk about which will cost me countless time to write it here...

anyway, i m glad that i had successfully passed my surgical posting, currently having some fun with all the kids in the ward( except during review and procedure)
again this is a brand new environment and vast knowledge for me to absorb...
some 7 EOD calls awaiting me....aih

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yuyus muhamad yusup said...

Hi friend you should immediately seek medical care , to consult with health problems. heheheh greetings......